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Let us help you achieve your Cannabis Dispensaries sales goals using our easy-to-use and agile software that delights new and repeats customers.

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Components and features

Simple to use



User Check-in

Point of Sale

Multi Location


ID Verification


Delivery Apps

Dispensary software is built to go beyond the basics!

Being an influential and revenue driving solution, ServiceGanja allows Cannabis Dispensaries to sell and manage everything with confidence.

Customer Satisfaction

Ease of use POS system. User friendly and easy to train.We are a passionate team that works to make our Cannabis Dispensaries sales and management software work for you and your team.

Accurate records

Maintain accurate customer records easily while adding new customers and locating the repeated shoppers that simplify the task.

Reward repeat shoppers

Build a loyal customer base while identifying your customers with the accessible shopping data so you can turn the repeat shoppers into brand ambassadors.

Never miss a sale

Determine the selling products with real-time reporting to know about your customers' demands and navigate the buying decisions.


Save your time, efforts, and meet your operational needs efficiently with better insights and suggestions.

Stay current

When a new change is made in the regulations, you can get the same day's notifications.

Automatic alerts

Our software lets you make the adjustments right then and provide you the root of problems on the same day.

Keep you updated

ServiceGanja comes with built-in cannabis fulfillment rules to prevent unwanted accidents, and violations.

Operate smoothly

Your business can get all the information it needed to make an intelligent and strategic decision.

Dispensary Point-of-sale Solution designed for licensed cannabis business!

We add new tools and features regularly.

Automated data entry

ServiceGanja comes with built-in cannabis fulfillment rules to prevent unwanted accidents, and violations.

Data-driven CRM

Set up emails and text campaigns depending on the customers' favorite products, last visiting date, purchasing history, and more.

Customer Profiles

Create individual customer profiles to treat your customer whether they are regular, keep track of your special preferences, and reward points.

Discounts and loyalty programs

Setup discounts depending on the date, time, product brand, and more on various products and promotions.

Improve operations with

Operate Your Dispensary With Ease