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May 3, 2022
12 Best Resources for Entrepreneurs to Start and Grow a Business

12 Best Resources for Entrepreneurs to Start and Grow a Business

Launching and growing a new business can be as exciting as it can get overwhelming. Knowing where to start is the most crucial aspect, but it gets tricky. The good news is that there are several resources to help you place the right foot forward in terms of marketing, planning, networking, etc.

If you want your name added to the long list of small and medium business entrepreneurs, you have to get it right from scratch. The best way to go about it is to get the right resources and use them correctly. You can get these resources online at no cost.

To set you off on the right track, these are some handpicked resources to help you start and grow your business:

  • ZenBusiness: This online incorporation service helps you fill out all the necessary documents to set up your business. It is very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about filling mistakes. 
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties.
  • STACE: STACE is the future of commerce! STACE is a no-fee digital platform that empowers entrepreneurs with the tools they need to sell their products online and in-store.
  • Brex: Brex offers everything you need to grow your company faster, from cards and capital to built-in spend management software and live support.
  • Canva: is your photo editor, video editor and graphic design tool all in the one app
  • SurveyMonkey: Use SurveyMonkey to drive your business forward by using our free online survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most
  • Facebook Business: Your Page is your business presence on Facebook—and just like in a physical store, friendly customer service and positive experiences are critical for success.
  • Google Analytics: This is a free way to track activities on your website. Google Analytics helps you know the location of your website visitors, the amount of time they spend on your website, etc. Ensure that your website developer integrates your Google Analytics account to your website. It’s absolutely free.

Brainstorming and Business Planning

For the brainstorming and planning phase of your business, consider these platforms:

  • Fiverr: Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 500+ categories.
  • Enloop: Enloop is a business planning and management tool that helps you make the most of your ideas and avoid potential issues.
  • Looka: Looka gives you everything you need to launch your brand and look great from day one.
  • Namelix: Namelix uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brand able business name.