June 24, 2021

Arizona Cannabis Legalization

November 3, 2020, marked the year proposition 207, referred to as the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, approved by the voter. Although Arizona approved cannabis legalization alongside three other states, it has a different strategy from the other in the later future. The state originally has an already established medical cannabis culture in place. Still, it promises to help recreational cannabis also thrive, which characterizes them as a bigger wave in the present legalization.

In this article, we will be discussing the basics things the Arizona legalization allows and the typical timeline it will take from passing legislation to making the first sale.

What Does the Current Arizona Legalization Allow?

  1. Arizona residents within the age of 21 and over can have  1 ounce of cannabis or up to 5 grams of concentrate in their possession. Also, as long as growth occurs within an isolated environment (room, closet, or greenhouse) with a lock and is not accessible from public view, they can grow up to 6 marijuana plants in their homes. There should be no more than 12 plants in a single home, so prepare if you've flatmates.
  2. Arizonans can pass up to these quantities (1 oz. of flour, 5 g of concentrate, or six plants) without payment to another adult 21 years of age or older, meaning that cannabis can be legally donated. However, once cash falls into the picture, so does law enforcement. In no way does the new legislation allow selling cannabis without a license legal.
  3. What the legislation doesn't alter is also remarkable. The Smart and Secure Marijuana Act does not modify state legislation that applies to driving under the influence. It is illegal to drive a vehicle, aircraft, airplane, or train while using or under the influence of cannabis. Institutions can ban or monitor cannabis on their property, such as employers, colleges, daycare centers, adult care facilities, healthcare facilities, correction facilities, and government assets. It is also possible to fire you for failing a drug test.

Is There an Expected Time for the First sale?

As was the case in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, Alaska, and California, the average timeframe for a newly legalized state to go from passing legislation to making the first sale is around 2-3 years. It would likely be the same for New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota, and more. However, Arizona has other intentions.

The state plans first to sell licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries currently operating. Effective January 19, 2021, operating non-profit medical marijuana facilities will apply as early applicants. This access period also applies to companies wanting to set up two or fewer medical dispensaries in towns and municipalities.

The early application window will last until March 9, 2021, and after that, within 60 days, the state must grant licenses (though, of course, it could always happen before then). The licenses med dispensaries apply for would be dual-purpose, allowing those companies to function concurrently as both medicinal and recreational. Thus, it is probable that they will begin selling as soon as a license is issued, although those specifics have not yet been completely outlined.


The most critical part of the new law is that it would provide a way for past cannabis convictions, mainly related to possession and cultivation, to be expunged. Arizona was formerly home to some of the country's strictest drug laws, despite its permissive attitudes regarding medicinal cannabis. Its days of prohibition have left deep wounds in many lives. The Smart and Secure Marijuana Act marks a crucial step in the state's advancement. To learn more about the legislation of different states, check out

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