There are two ways you can purchase your cannabis flower; it's either through the deli-style or package style. Many new people to the cannabis industry ask the question; what does cannabis deli style and package style mean? In this article, I will be answering the question above and explaining everything in detail.

What is Cannabis Retail Deli Style?

Budtenders bring flowers over to a customer or patient in a jar and weigh it out in front of them in a deli-style dispensary workflow. They are normally allowed to look at and smell the product but not touch it. Deli-style selling has both advantages and disadvantages. Customers appreciate the openness, but it adds to the workload for the personnel. Slowing down check out, marking containers in-store, spilling, and overweighing are considered as great disadvantages.

The benefit of Deli-style

Talking about the benefit of deli-style over the package style, it offers openness. When you purchase your cannabis flower, you will be able to pick the buds that you want. Many people prefer the deli-style because it offers 100% transparency and has since become popular in some states; an example is Oklahoma. It's estimated to spread to more states later in the future.

What is Cannabis Package Style?

Pre-pack, also known as pre-packing, is packing marijuana before it is sold to a consumer at a dispensary. This allows the vendor to regulate the portions offered while also providing a faster client checkout experience.

Customers/patients do not have hands-on experience in the dispensary, which is a disadvantage. They may not be able to smell or see what they're buying unless sniffer jars are provided.

Benefits of Package Style Cash over the Deli-style

1. Reduced contamination: Pre-packaging your flowers ensures that your client receives a clean and high-quality product. The more cannabis is touched, smelled, and examined at every point of the supply chain, the more sensitive it becomes to contaminants like mold and mildew. Let's create a scenario around this, imagine a customer asks for a strain of cannabis flower, and the customer puts his nose into the jar to smell it. While doing this, the budtender reaches out into the jar to remove some dirt. This is a common thing, but it leads to contamination of the flower, thus reducing the quality of the bud.

With deli-style, you can't be sure of the cleanliness and how safe, processed, and stored the flower is. On the other hand, Pre-packing ensures that cannabis packaging and labeling standards are followed. Marijuana flower must be marketed in opaque, child-resistant, resalable packaging in many states. Warnings, ingredients, and expiration date must all be included on labels.

Pre-packaging implies that each package is labeled and handled following state rules, decreasing risk and eliminating human mistakes.

2. Save Time and Increases Efficiency: Pre-packaging flowers can help your dispensary run more smoothly, resulting in higher revenue and cheaper costs.

It's critical to streamline operations as the cannabis sector consolidates, prices fall, and competition rises. The transaction process is one area where instant efficiency can be found. Rather than hand-picking, weighing, and packing marijuana for each customer, budtenders grab the product, ring it up, and collect payment.

This implies you can serve and educate more consumers on a given day without sacrificing service. A transition to pre-packaged cannabis might significantly differ in daily sales for big dispensaries or those with small outlets and long lineups. The time spent packaging bud may result in a loss of revenues in the future.

3. Improve the Quality of Your Inventory: Due to moisture evaporation, cannabis flowers naturally lose weight. This not only affects consumer satisfaction and bud quality but also generates inventory issues.

If you buy bulk marijuana by the pound, you'll lose money because the weight you bought, and the weight you sell won't be the same. In your state's track and trace system, you'll also have to explain what happened to that missing flower.

You'll lose money using deli-style if you weigh too much, drop a flower, make a human error, and so on. Weight loss is prevented by pre-packaging flowers, especially in a drier climate.


While it may appear that allowing clients to inspect, smell, and pick desirable nugs is advantageous, the disadvantages of the deli-style approach are beginning to outweigh the advantages. Pre-packaging marijuana, on the other hand, may not be the best answer for all dispensaries. Visit ServiceGanja to learn more about the cannabis industry.

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