June 24, 2021

Dispensary Culture

Come up with a culture that your budtenders will fall in love with

According to studies, 88 percent of employees and 94percent of executives have a common belief that the success of any single business is a fruit of a strong culture at a given workplace.

Not only does this apply to other businesses but also the cannabis dispensaries. What things do you have done to your budtenders that keep on pushing them to show up for their daily duties?

You have to create a strong culture that is all-inclusive, a culture that will detain your budtenders' feelings to make them love what they are doing. The ServiceGanja employee management feature is excellent for this.

When you have a strong culture at your dispensary, trust me, your employees will make it their daily routine to serve the customers wholeheartedly. Soon, you will see more and more clients walk into your dispensary to purchase different cannabis products.

Make your budtenders to be aware of what you expect from them.

To a human is an error; you will often keep on warning and firing your employees for failure to adhere to the workplace rules and regulations. But how often are you going to do this?

Are you tired of barking orders to your employees everyday? Don't worry; there is another approach that you should give a trial.

It is high time to call all your staff and explain what you expect of them. Inform your team of the importance of performing some tasks and building a strong reputation for your clients.

For example, you can explain to them the need for handling a customer while wearing a smile on their face other than being gloomy. Do you see that? A client we feel most welcome again to your dispensary because of the friendly staff that he/she interacted with and the next time theclient walks in, expect him to spend more.

Always appreciate the hard work of top budtenders.

Do you know the consequences of failing to appreciate or reward your top-performing budtenders? In such cases, they usually have got only two options left for them

1.  They will leave your dispensary and start working for your close market competitors.

2.  They will stop being active because of a lack of motivation, and in the end, they will cease from being top performers.

What will be the effects of the above result to you asa manager or owner of a cannabis dispensary?

·  Loss of customers in the case of top performers moving to work for your close competitors.

·  Low reputation to clients as there will be less/poor interactions with clients.

·  Low rate of sales as a result of a poor reputation to clients.

Hence it is always to reward your top-performing budtenders as that will play a critical role in motivating them and keeping them on their feet to work hard each day.

Make your employees feel part of the business.

It is always to make your employees feel that they area critical part of your canna-business. Whenever you have your employees feeling that they are a big part of your business, trust me, you will be swimming in huge profits at the end of every financial period.

The main reason behind all this is the factor that a satisfied employee will always strive to work harder to satisfy customer needs and, above all, will never feel wasted working for you.

Likewise, a feeling of being a crucial part of your success story in the cannabis dispensary service will always make them never think of leaving, and they will be working for you with all their hearts with no worries.

Provide development opportunities for your budtenders

Highly qualified staff means top-notch quality services for your clients, and the result will be a strong customer loyalty base and increased sales.

As a cannabis dispensary manager or owner, it is crucial to provide high-quality professional training to staff every moment to ensure more developed talents within your team.

A staff that is well equipped with skills will prosper beyond expectations. They will tackle issues brought forward by your clients with no fear, and also they will play a critical role in promoting new products in store for your clients. This approach will result in generating more in come for your business.

Continually access your business.

As a cannabis dispensary owner or manager, it is always to keep a close eye on the business's day-to-day progress.

These will help you figure out what is working and what is not working to avoid investing in what is not working. This level of visibility will also help your staff put more energies into the services that have got positive returns and improve their areas of weakness.

Final take

Running a cannabis dispensary requires a composed and ready staff to put positive energies into quality service delivery. Hence, as a cannabis dispensary manager or owner, building an all-star team of budtenders will help you achieve your set goals and vision for your cannabis dispensary.

Hence budtenders are critical personnel in your business, and they should be made to feel their presence in the industry and what they mean in your cannabis dispensary.

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