October 7, 2021


As the demand for cannabis has increased and states have begun to look into legalizing cannabis, it's optimum to set up a dispensary to attract the opportunity attached to the cannabis industry. In this article, I'll show you seven terrific techniques to increase sales and provide an amazing experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Tips to New Customers to your Dispensary

These tips are proven and have helped lots of start-ups flourish. Make sure you go through each tip carefully.

1. Get started early.

Last year, Americans spent three times as much on cannabis, totaling $90 million. Get a jump start on the competition by preparing your dispensary. Examine your data from the previous year. What worked for you? Where can you make improvements? What should we do this year that we haven't done before? Send out an email or text message announcing your plans as soon as possible. Create a marketing strategy that informs clients that visiting your dispensary will provide them with the best deal.

2. Provide one-of-a-kind dispensary deals

You've taken the time to curate your products with care. By giving clarity and uniformity in how they're titled and labeled, you can ensure that they're easily accessible to your customers.

Connoisseurs should recognize your products, and detailed labels should attract enthusiasts to try something new. They should, however, be simple enough for newcomers to feel welcome.

Aside from product branding, there's also the issue of inventory to consider. Please keep track of popular items and make sure they're well-stocked at all times.

Take note if a consumer requests something you don't have and think about whether it's something you should add to your product catalog. If you see a shift in consumer preferences, change your product mix to capitalize on the chance for increased sales.

It is your job to provide what you enjoy and what your clients or potential customers would enjoy. Try to locate the proper combination of product categories and suppliers, whether vapes, tinctures, edibles, or flowers.

Look for a mix of expected and innovative products if you're in a competitive market. Differentiating your services could lead to new clients.

3. Make Use of Social Media

Throughout the month, use your social media platforms to keep customers informed about specials and promotions. To promote knowledge about your deals, post compelling material regularly. Create a buzz by promoting exclusive offers that persuade your followers that your dispensary is the place to go. Also, before the major sale, be sure to publish your store hours, location and answer client questions.

4. Make Provisions for a Full Staff

Make sure you have enough workers to alleviate the stress of a hectic holiday season. Reduce client queues and wait times as much as possible. With additional employees, you can spend more time with each customer to learn about their needs. Encourage your budtenders to memorize and accurately explain promotions. They should be instructed on how to greet new clients and first-timers.

5. Make a variety of deals.

Offer discounts on products, clothes, glass, papers, and other goods in your dispensary. Selling goods with your logo or brand on them can help with brand positioning. The stronger the impression you make on your new consumers, the more unique bargains your dispensary has to offer.

6. Stock Up

Before COVID-19, dispensaries around the United States and Canada experienced an increase in sales. Work with vendors to ensure that you are fully supplied and prepared to handle the increase of customers. Ensure your menus are up to date so that your customers are aware of what you're serving before and during the holidays. Keep an eye on your inventory throughout the week since things can sell faster than you think. Be prepared to alter any promotions to match what you have.

7. Reward Consumers for Returning

Offer a reward to new customers who return. Encourage consumers to bring back their receipts for a discount on their next purchase; run offers and promotions till the end of the week; use coupons and punch cards to make their next visit feel more urgent. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to earn repeat business and establish long-term relationships with your clients.


There's no doubting that the cannabis retail industry is cutthroat. However, with these tactics, you'll have everything you need to capture your targeted audience's attention and bring in new consumers. So, what do you have to lose? Get out there and acquire those clients! To learn more about the cannabis industry, visit serviceganja.

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