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June 24, 2021

Tips and Tricks Guide for Choosing the Right POS System

What Do You Look for in a Dispensary Point-of-Sale System?

Let's start with a short rundown of essential dispensary POS system features. While POS systems have several components, they do not have to be complicated. Is there a way to make it simple? Select a POS vendor who can include all required hardware and integrations with industry-leading dispensary POS tech providers. The following are essential components of a dispensary POS system:

Receipt printers:

Receipt printers are essential for dispensaries. It's necessary to have proof of legal purchase, and there's no better way to do that than with a receipt. It's also worth noting that, depending on your location, receipts must provide additional details such as the store's name and address, the product category/name, and the relevant tax codes/identifiers.

Label printer

A label printer is another valuable printer to have on hand. Seed-to-sale monitoring, which is a crucial requirement of cannabis regulatory models, requires labels. This method keeps track of plants and their byproducts from when they are planted until they are sold.

Cash drawer:

Currently, cash is used for the majority of dispensary purchases. What is the reason for this? Even though dispensaries selling recreational or medicinal marijuana are perfectly licensed and legal under state law, marijuana is still regarded as a Schedule 1 substance by the federal government, making marijuana businesses illegal. Since the financial system is governed by federal law, banks that do business with marijuana-related businesses risk being charged with aiding and abetting a federal crime or money laundering." However, a long-lasting, high-volume cash drawer is essential.

The scale is one of the most important components of a dispensary POS system:

There are a few things to bear in mind regarding scales. To begin, the scale must be NTEP-certified and legal to use in your state. This certification guarantees that the scales are charging the correct sum for the weighted item. A directly incorporated scale into the POS is another great feature to look for, as direct integration will reduce the possibility of human error in data entry.


There are a variety of dispensary POS system accessories that can help you take your business to the next level, including scanners to speed up transactions and make scanning more convenient, an LED customer display so customers can easily see item prices and transaction totals, and a tablet stand and enclosure with hidden cable management that matches the rest of the dispensary.
The right software is at the core of a good dispensary POS framework. As previously mentioned, your program must be compatible with all of your POS hardware. Built-in ID scanning and age verification, loyalty programs, on-demand product details, alternative payment acceptance, offline mode, inventory management, analytics and reporting, and more are some of the app features to look for.

5 Importance of A Dispensary Point-Of-Sale System

So, now that you know what your dispensary POS setup should involve, why is all of this important? The following are five main advantages of a dispensary POS system:


For dispensaries, compliance is, of course, crucial. Not only can POS systems help with providing required proof of purchase, but they can also help with inventory management and age and ID verification. Failure to record inventory, patient order caps, sales to minors, and insufficient distribution documentation are common enforcement violations. These offenses are severe. They can result in a warning to comply, a summons for a violation, an interim suspension, or a license revocation.


It's important to keep the product safe from seed to sale and make sure you're selling the exact amount you think you are. POS label printing solutions can aid Seed-to-sale monitoring. An NTEP-certified scale with a windshield ensures you're charging the correct amount for the commodity you're selling.

Online Ordering:

Did you know that during the pandemic, cannabis distribution increased dramatically, and that trend is likely to continue? The right POS software will support eCommerce and distribution and be compatible with a wide range of POS hardware. Keeping up with digital developments is a piece of cake with the right POS scheme.

Future-Proof Integration:

Speaking of future-proofing, selecting the right dispensary POS software and hardware means that no matter where the market goes in terms of eCommerce or payments – when national banking opens its doors to the industry – the POS system will be able to handle it all.


As the market grows and competition heats up, marketing becomes increasingly important – and your dispensary POS system can help. Choose a POS system that includes loyalty plans, gift cards, and marketing resources such as email promotions and social media integration. For example, with PromoPRNT, you can print personalized ads on the bottom of your receipts and labels for free.

Final thoughts:

Although an ideal dispensary POS system consists of several components, including software and hardware such as receipt and label printers, cash drawers, scales, and other items, implementing the best solution does not have to be difficult. By partnering with the right POS dispensary system providers, you can start reaping the benefits of a well-designed system, such as compliance, accuracy, future-proofed technology and integrations, and built-in marketing.

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