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June 24, 2021

How to Become a Better Budtender?

With the legalization of cannabis, there has been an increase in the way people visit cannabis dispensaries for their medicinal and recreational needs. This then brings a sense of responsibility to the cannabis dispensaries on how to become a better budtender. In this article, we will be discussing six ways to become a better budtender.

  1. Know your product: Being able to communicate with your clients in-depth about the items you are offering is invaluable. Although sampling the products is a big part of this, a significant part of it for budtenders is that you cannot try anything in the store exactly in your first week. Well... you could, but it's unlikely that you're going to make it work for your second week.

Go ahead and purchase some grams of bud to take back home to do your research. Find out which gummies taste best, which one has the longest effect on pastries, and which infused drinks are the fastest. But inquire around the store, too. See what the other participants think about each object. When they return, ask the customers what they think about their purchase, especially if they ask for something different. Ask the product leaders what they think makes their product stand out to see if it sounds true to consumers or other budgets. In the long run, when you are helping a customer select a commodity, it will support you.

  1. Have a Sales Pitch: You don't have to waste time memorizing home-made flashcards, but to have a quick sales pitch for each one, you should know enough about your products. If a customer asks for the difference between gummy brands or similar strains, it makes a big difference to offer a simple two or three differences.

Likewise, when you're selling various strains, you don't have to have a botany degree. However, it is for relaxation to know a little more than usual because it puts you in a condition that really impresses both employers and your customers. Know some of the core terpenes, get some information about CBD, and clarify how high THC does not necessarily mean that you get higher from pressure. The additional experience will always be appreciated by your clients, which typically translates into better tips and return trips.

  1. Ensure your register is tidy: Make sure that your monitor is organized, and your register is clean, although it can seem like a minor thing. Pot smokers have a rep for being "Type A" characters, but customers notice it. A lot of budtending is about trust between the client and their budtender. If a budtender person pays attention to their workspace, they'll probably also pay attention to what their client wants.
  2. Know the Regulars: Many customers who came to your shop chose it because when they wanted more cannabis, it was within driving distance or their field of vision. They're going to catch a joint or an eighth, and they're going to be on their merry way. However, based on word of mouth and consumer feedback, many consumers select their shops.

Be sure to learn their name if you see a customer returning to your store. Ask them about their day when you pick their choice, when you ring them up, find out what they do for work or fun. Throw a discount on them if you can. The variety of people coming into your shop will surprise you. Be open to discussions, and you'll see more and more of your tips go up, and your clients. Some may even be waiting to go to your line directly.

  1. Selling the best stuff to your customers: Many individuals from retail positions moving into cannabis might be trying to upsell. When you're a budtender, that's the wrong mentality. Repeat clients are the bread and butter of a store, and you're going to make more customers come back in than you're going to come in once, feel overcharged, and tell their friends to avoid the store. Cannabis is a commodity that depends on faith, too. A consumer trusts you that their experience with the brand would be enjoyable and profitable.
  2. Figure out what consumers want from experience or effects: Asking your customers what experience they are looking for is always relevant. Or, more specifically speaking, what kind of high do they expect to get? When using their product, what are they looking to do? Rattle off some options if they're not sure what they're looking for. If they are looking for concentration, uplift, energy, calm, couch lock, sleep, or relief from pain, ask them. See what circumstances they want to use it for. Maybe they want anything energetic, or something concentrated  for video games, to head out for the night.


Be enthusiastic about this business. For some people, cannabis still has a stigma surrounding it, but it helps prove them wrong and explain the benefits of cannabis. In recent years, the industry has come a long way, but there is still much work to be done. Looking for an awesome way to improve your budtender experience, serviceganja offers you this and more.

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